Start a branded merchandise store

Starting a branding merchandise store is a really popular and successful route that merchants choose when staring a Shopify store. If you have a brand already because you stream for example, or you have a following on social media then selling merchandise is a great way to monetize that. If you don’t have a brand, […]

Create a fitness apparel brand with a twist

Fitness has exploded since the global pandemic. Fitness brands are hot property and creating a fitness centric brand in apparel is a great opportunity. There are quite a few, so adding a twist allows you to separate yourself from the many that exist and carve out your own niche. A twist could be something like: […]

Create a store offering your digital services

Shopify is an ecommerce platform but you don’t need to have tangible, physical product. If you have services to offer then you can definitely use Shopify to sell these. You can expand the platform to include booking slots if you need to sell your time for example. Examples are: Copywriting SEO & Marketing Services Gardening […]